There are four ways to contact Dr Hyer.

By email directly to Dr Hyer:

Email Dr Hyer directly on If you keep your query brief, he will endeavor to reply swiftly.

By phoning - Mon - Fri:

Tracey Dunn and Louise Kaplan are his full time Practice manager. They work Mon - Fri from 8.30am - 5pm. If you have queries related to your child's condition, please phone them on 020 8866 8816. If Tracey or Louise are away from the phone, or not at their desks, then leave a message with your contact telephone numbers on the answer machine and they will return your call.

Louise Kaplan (L) and Tracey Dunn (R)

 By email of form

Either email Dr Hyer directly:

or use the form below. Just complete the form, including your email and telephone number and we aim  to call you or email a response within 48hrs.

You can tweet Dr Warren Hyer:

Out of hours.

Outside of normal office hours, Warren Hyer is only available to see acutely unwell children in the NHS sector (and only when on call). Out of hours, please follow the advice of your GP / family doctor who may refer you urgently to your local hospital.  If you wish a private GP to visit your child instead of accessing the NHS sector, please call either: Lyndon Wagman 07956 150992. You will be charged for this service.